To Our Valued Customers, Inversand is permanently reducing production of Manganese Greensand. -Nov. 07

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GreensandPlusTM Customer
Jackson Township M.U.A., Jackson, NJ

"Since we installed GreensandPlus in our 2.5 MGD Hyson Road filter plant we have increased the run time between backwashes by more than 50%, eliminated the sodium aluminate feed, and improved water quality.  Our plant expansion will have filters using GreensandPlus and we plan to replace the media in our other filters with GreensandPlus in the future."

Mr. Mike Decker,
Technical Maintenance Supervisor

On January 14, 2006, the Philadelphia Inquirer "It came from N.J.: A prehistoric croc" was discovered in the pits of the Inversand mine.

See this article on Thoracosaurus neocesarlensis shown here.  This fossil is similar to the one found.
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