These are frequently asked questions received from our customers. If you have a question not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact our technical staff at (856) 881-2345 or email us at

Q. Is it necessary to use KMn04 to regenerate GreensandPlus™?

A. No, any strong oxidant (i.e., chlorine, ozone etc.) can be used.

Q. What is the recommended composition of the potassium permanganate or chlorine solution used in the initial regeneration of GreensandPlus?

A. For most applications of GreensandPlus, a solution of 4 oz. (by weight) of potassium permanganate, mixed well, for each gallon of water is the proper proportion. However, for water at a temperature of less than 55°F, more water may be necessary.

Q. How long should the media soak in the potassium permanganate or chlorine solution during the initial conditioning?

A. The minimum recommended contact time for the initial regeneration process is 2 – 4 hours at the recommended dosage and solution concentration. Where possible, it is recommended that soaking overnight ensures sufficient regeneration.

Q. Does chlorine harm GreensandPlus?

A. Chlorine is not detrimental to GreensandPlus. However, when it is exposed to chlorine solutions in excess of approximately 1%, permanganate can be formed, resulting in purple water.

Please Note: Potassium permanganate is not usually required for most GreensandPlus applications. Rather, chlorine or any oxidant of your choice may be substituted for potassium permanganate in your application.

Q. How should GreensandPlus be disinfected?

A. GreensandPlus can be disinfected in accordance with AWWA standards (see

Q. What is the life expectancy of GreensandPlus?

A. For GreensandPlus, with a properly operated filter system, a life expectancy of 10-15 years or longer is possible with proper service conditions.

Q. What is the recommended backwash rate?

A. The recommended backwash rate is 12 gpm/ft2 with water at 55°F. Warmer waters require higher flow rates.

Q. How important is the backwash?

A. A properly conducted backwash is very important to the life of the media. The backwash is the primary, if not the only mechanism by which dirt is removed from the filter. Starting with a clean bed works to preserve the performance of the media.

Q. How is a filter properly sampled?

A. Proper sampling of filter media in a tank requires core sampling, where a representative sample of the entire bed is achieved. This can be achieved with a piece of thin walled tubing. The minimum recommended sample volume is one (1) quart (one liter). Please contact us if you need instructions on sampling.